From websites and graphic design, through to digital marketing and email campaigns. Xava Digital delivers the complete package for branding and marketing your organisation. If you need something we don’t offer, we’ve got a fantastic network of resources that’ll help get the job done, and we’re happy to manage that for you.


Website Design & Development

Whether you need a simple 3 page brochure site, or a monolith interactive site with a thousand features, we’ve got experience.

We recommend the majority of our clients base their sites on the popular WordPress content management system. This allows us to keep costs down and use a battle-hardened platform as the base on which we can build out your specific features.

As a rule, we only build responsive websites. Your website MUST give your audience the best possible experience no matter what device they’re using, otherwise, you will be missing out.

Web Application Development

In simple terms, a web application is any software that runs in browser. Web apps are created using a browser-supported programming language and rely on the web browser to render the software.

Some examples of web apps that you might be familiar with are Gmail, Facebook, and Amazon. We don’t build products of that scale, but you get the picture.

Xava Digital are experienced in web application development using technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Meteor & other Javascipt frameworks, and at a simpler level common PHP frameworks such as WordPress and Joomla!.

eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce stores are pretty much essential for any business these days.

Whatever you want to sell, whether it be physical products, tickets, memberships, virtual/downloadable products, or pretty much anything else you can think of, we give you the tools you need to get started selling online.

Xava Digital has experience building e-stores using many of the major frameworks but we primarily recommend WordPress/WooCommerce.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

There are literally thousands of plugins on the WordPress directory, but all too often they are often lacking one feature or another that you desperately need, or they just don’t seem to work properly.

With a custom WordPress plugin you can be the master of your own destiny.

  • Add pretty much any functionality you can think of to your site
  • Make it work how you want
  • Make it look how you want
  • Be unique

Graphic Design

Branding & Identity

A logo alone doesn’t make a brand, but it’s a good place to start. It’s important to have consistency in your branding across all the channels.

Print Media

Flyers, print ads, posters and billboards. Although they’re somewhat old school, they still work.


Digital ads, and Social & website themes all play an important part in how your brand is perceived.


No one marketing channel is the outright winner. If you do them right, they all have their place in your marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Email is the cheapest and most cost-effective marketing strategy to date. From simple broadcast emails to your list, to complicated action triggered email marketing campaigns. If you’re not doing it, you definitely should be.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is a great way to get in front of people who don’t know about your brand yet (but should). It’s costly if done wrong, but it can pay dividends if you get it right.

Google Marketing

Search marketing is extremely powerful when used right. It’s an extremely effective way of getting your ads in front of people at the right time.

Other Services

WP Security Concierge

Let us look after your site. Regular database and file back-ups, WordPress core system updates, and plugin updates. These are just a part of the service that’ll help ensure that if the worst happens, you’re well protected.

Website Hosting

Every site needs somewhere to live. We offer fully managed hosting packages for a reasonable price.

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